USA Apple Store account id for sale
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USA Apple Store account id for sale

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USA Apple Store account:  Email —- Password —- Password security question —- Birthday

Account Details:

1. Only available on the App store

2. Don’t log into iCloud, iCloud only recommends logging into your own account

3. If you appear when landing (disabled – lock) prompt, please log on to apple’s official website to reset the password.

Expanded information: What is an Apple Store Account ID?

Apple ID is the authentication system introduced by Apple for its iWork, iTunes Store, and Apple Store products. Apple id is an all-in-one account that allows users to access a variety of Apple platform resources. Since Apple id can be used for a variety of products and services offered by Apple, it can also be called Apple account, MobileMe account, Account.mac, iTunes Store account, and iChat account.

What can do

1. Use iMessage and FaceTime

2. Install apps from the App Store

3. Use iCloud for data backup

4. Anti-loss

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