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Instant Delivery - Guaranteed Service

Sellaacc.com Service Guarantee:

1. Follow all the rules described in the Terms of Use and ACCOUNTS GUIDELINES, and account login is guaranteed within 24 hours

2. Apply for a replacement account if the account is invalid due to a fault on Sellaacc.com. That is, if the account is disabled, deleted, or the account password of the login account is incorrect, you can apply to customer service for replacement (within 24 hours).

3. Only when the invalid account cannot be replaced, such as no inventory, account unavailable and other factors, you can apply for a refund.

Special note:

1. All accounts are guaranteed within 24 hours, and there is no after-sales service after login

2. We only guarantee that the account will be logged in within 24 hours, and do not make any other guarantees. For example, the account may have a sandbox period (small black room) when logging in to the new environment, during which the account may not be able to add friends or like operations, and it will take a period of time to maintain the account. We also do not guarantee that all accounts will be compatible with other programs or plug-ins. Please test a small amount of your first purchase.

3. We do not provide any account related tutorials, you can search for relevant information on Google, or check our: ACCOUNTS GUIDELINES

4. Before purchasing an account, please ensure that the account resources are what you need, and the purchased valid account will not be refunded or replaced once delivered

5. We do not provide a history of account data storage or sold accounts, all sold accounts are immediately deleted from our database, you must secure account information after purchasing an account

Sellaacc.com reserves the right to block your account or empty your balance if you:

1. Maliciously applying for a refund or replacement

2. Send a lot of spam through email and other contact information

3. Being rude to customer service staff or using profanity

For accounts purchased on the Sellaacc.com website, the following purposes are prohibited:

1. Use accounts to harm others: including but not limited to bullying, spam comments, threats, etc., on social networks

2. Use the account for illegal and criminal activities: including but not limited to fraud, extortion, and other illegal activities

3. Use the account to promote all kinds of bad information: including but not limited to pornography, violence, smearing and other behaviors

If you agree to the rules of Sellaacc.com (at the time of purchase), you confirm that:

1. You have read the Account Terms of Use in detail

2. You will change the account password and maintain the security of the account independently in the case of long-term use of the purchased account

3. The account responsibility will be transferred to the buyer after purchase

Having trouble using your account? Click to view – ACCOUNTS GUIDELINES

If you encounter any problems with your purchase, please feel free to Contact us