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The account guide below can help you use all the accounts available on our platform. Please note that we only register accounts and sell them, so we cannot provide you with comprehensive advice on how to use them. For more detailed help, please search the tutorial online!

Specific guidelines for account use are as follows:

1. Only use high-quality proxy ip to log in to your account

Problem: If you use one ip to log in to accounts in bulk, all your accounts will be disabled when the account is blocked.

Workaround: Use proxy ip and configure a different ip for each account, which can effectively reduce the possibility of account disabling. What you need to do is to search the Internet to find the right ip proxy provider for you


1. Make sure you are using a proprietary ip proxy, there is still a high chance that sharing an ip will result in your account being disabled

2. Try to avoid using VPN to log in to your account

3. Ensure that one account has one ip address to log in to. Do not use the same IP address to log in to multiple accounts

4. Avoid frequent change of login ip address, stable ip is more conducive to account stability

5. You are not advised to use IPv6 proxy

Important note: The Vkontakte platform cannot use IPv6!

2. Please use different devices to log in to different accounts

Problem point: When you log in to multiple accounts from one device, it will inevitably cause account linkage, and all your accounts will be disabled when the account is blocked.

Solution: Use fingerprint browser +ip proxy to log in to the account. This can perfectly solve the problem of account association, fingerprint browser is a software specifically to solve the problem of environmental isolation, it solves the environmental problem through the browser fingerprint technology, browser fingerprint is a new technology to identify the user’s browser, can distinguish different users by various unique characteristics of the user’s browser. The fingerprint browser can ensure the security of data between accounts, and will not cause data association between accounts. Because the fingerprint browser can change the data information, such as time zone, address and other information.

To put it simply, the fingerprint browser is that you can log in to multiple accounts on the same computer or mobile phone and other devices, and the accounts are not related to each other, and this anti-association concept is mainly used in e-commerce and social account marketing.

Advantages of using fingerprint browser to log in and operate accounts in bulk:

1. Account association prevention: Whether it is an e-commerce platform account or a social media account, it is not allowed to have multiple accounts operating on the same device at the same time, and it will determine whether there is an account association by detecting registration information, network, device, etc., but in order to obtain more revenue and improve operational efficiency, sellers usually use fingerprint browsers to carry out multi-store and multi-account operations. The biggest feature of fingerprint browser is that it can create an independent browser environment without limit, which prevents the store or account from being related to the device problem, so that the seller can realize the security management and efficient operation of multi-account and multi-store in the same computer.

2. Low cost: Login multiple accounts through a computer, fingerprint browser can reduce costs.
At present, there are a lot of fingerprint browsers on the market, and their prices are not the same, please combine their own circumstances and needs to calculate the choice. However, most fingerprint browsers support the creation of 1-3 independent browser environments for free, if your needs are not large, then use the free version.

3. Avoid batch operation after login of newly purchased account

Problem point: If you purchase the account immediately after the bulk operation (like, private message, etc.), this will most likely lead to the account is blocked

Solution: In order to keep your account as secure as possible, you need to perform some actions that look like a human, such as browsing for 2 days before logging in to warm up your account, then filling in some personal page information, photos, forwarding some posts, making comments, etc., in short, make your behavior look more like a human than a robot.

Important note: We are not responsible for program/service developers and agent providers. We do not guarantee that all accounts will be compatible with various programs or plug-ins.