Old YouTube account buy sell-2006-2009 Register
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Old YouTube account buy sell-2006-2009 Register

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Old YouTube account buy sell

Old YouTube account buy sell—The old YouTube account was registered between 2006 and 2009, there is no doubt that the quality of the YouTube account is very good, if you want to run your own YouTube feature channel, Then this old YouTube account is perfect for you.

Account Details:

1. The account was registered between 2006 and 2009

2. Number of uploaded videos: 1+

3. Niche market: Random

4. Channel subscribers: random

Account format: Gmail, Password, Restore Email, Restore Email password, YouTube channel link, subscribers, views, videos, registration time

Note on account use:

1. Use a high-quality proxy ip address to log in to your account

2. Please do not change or add any information immediately after you log in to the account (you need to warm up the account for at least 1-2 weeks to change the account information)

3. If you plan to use the account for a long time, please be sure to change the account password after 1-2 weeks, change the email and phone number and other information (do not change all information in one day).

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Expanded information: How to use YouTube for marketing

As the world’s largest video website, YouTube has more than 2 billion active users worldwide, and its users rank third in the world. This provides a whole new field for business or brand marketing.

First, the advantages of marketing through Youtube

In addition to having many of the same advantages as social media platforms such as Facebook, such as relatively low cost, fast transmission speed, powerful search capabilities, and easy to form a buyer effect, YouTube has its own unique advantages.

YouTube has more than 2 billion users worldwide and is the world’s second largest search engine after Google. This provides fertile ground for the marketing of enterprises.

It is worth mentioning that businesses do not need to put a lot of paid advertising on YouTube, as long as your video is high quality and attractive, it will attract a large number of potential users.

Since YouTube has been acquired by Google, under the same keywords, it is obvious that YouTube links rank higher, so it is easier to improve SEO rankings.

Due to the inherent advantages of video, businesses can present products or services in more detail, which is easier to capture the attention of potential users than pictures. YouTube also has a pretty strong keyword search feature. As soon as the visitor enters the keyword, all relevant videos will be displayed. Most importantly, the videos are not in chronological order. As long as your video quality is high enough, then it will have a great chance of ranking high in the search.

Second, how to do a good job of YouTube brand marketing?

1. Create a branded YouTube business channel

You can authorize multiple administrators to log in and manage multiple YouTube channels at the same time.

2. Know your audience

In order to do a better job of brand marketing, you need to spend more time to understand the YouTube user profile and data, which will have a directional significance for the next video content creation.

3. Analyze quantitative data

Geographical location (how much traffic comes from xx countries), age (percentage of audience age), preference (preference of younger generation Z), etc. We can also plan video production by analyzing tags, monitoring viewing time, demographics, and comments to understand users’ interests and preferences.

4. YouTube channel preview videos

Channel clips will be displayed prominently at the top of the YouTube channel, showcasing the most representative brand messages.

The short film should be concise, highlight the value point, and ensure that the first 3 seconds attract the audience within 2 minutes. LOGO or short chain of independent station can be added to enhance the exposure of independent station brand.

5. Use thumbnails to attract clicks

Youtube videos are usually presented in the form of static thumbnails, and try to use bold visuals, accurate and clear text, high quality images, and a uniform style, which can effectively increase the click-through rate.

6. Promote interactive cards for free

The inclusion of interactive cards in videos is a very distinctive way of YouTube promotion and can play a positive role. Actions can lead consumers to click to see relevant content.

Enterprises can also add their own corporate website URL links, thus bringing a stable and high-quality customer base to the website.

Third, what are the ways of marketing through YouTube?

1. YouTube ads

There are eight types of YouTube ads, and in general, the process of YouTube ads is like this: companies first shoot and edit videos according to marketing needs, and then upload them to Google’s advertising system for review. Once approved, place your ads in selected YouTube videos/channels and your ads will have a chance to appear in view when users watch those videos.

If the user is interested in the content of the AD, they will click on the link below the video and go to the company’s website to learn more. If the content on the website is only related to the needs of users, there will be further conversion actions, such as consulting or purchasing products.

Not only can businesses get a lot of brand exposure through YouTube ads, but they can also get inquiries/purchases.

2. Optimize YouTube SEO to increase free traffic

Optimize YouTube search for higher rankings, utilize accurate titles, detailed channel descriptions, proper use of YouTube tags, and encourage viewers to comment, like, and subscribe.

3. YouTube influencer marketing

Network celebrity marketing is an important means of brand marketing promotion at present. The underlying logic is “word of mouth” through cooperation with social media influencers to promote brand information to fans and achieve marketing purposes. It is a marketing strategy that uses network celebrities to convey brand information to the market, and belongs to a new publicity channel that helps brands reach mass traffic more directly and more quickly.

The forms of Youtube star cooperation include but are not limited to product demonstrations, unboxing videos, gift giving and licensing challenges, live delivery, star interviews, offline store visits, etc.

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Old YouTube account buy sell
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