Linkedin account for sale
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Linkedin account for sale

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Linkedin account for sale

Linkedin account for sale—This account is registered using Mix ip. We offer various types of linkedin accounts. If you need more information about linkedin accounts, please feel free to contact us.

Account Details:

1. Mix ip

2. Mix country

3. Mix sex

4. Include Email

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Expanded information: The advantages of Linkedin

linkedin is a professional B2B networking platform. The users of the platform are also the “elite” of the company level, with a number of 800 million, so promoting advertising on professional platforms is the first choice for obtaining high-quality inquiries. This is why it has become a tool for foreign trade enterprises to develop overseas customer resources, as well as a platform for professionals to exchange and communicate.

There are no high barriers to acquiring customers using linkedin. What we need to do is to clarify the goal, recognize the value of this platform, and then improve our linkedin account and page information, the profile on the home page to have a professional personal image, the company page to have a professional company endorsement, daily updates to do well, to add friends. Classification and interaction plans are developed, marketing activities are ongoing, and materials and publicity are regularly updated to give visual impact to the target audience.

Here are 10 advantages of linkedin:

1. There is a convenient desktop version and intuitive interface, and mobile apps are also available.

2. The platform is multilingual, currently available in 24 languages.

3. The large audience increases the chances of finding employees or jobs in a short time.

4. Opportunities to find experts and job openings around the world.

5. The potential of the service can be used for marketing and promotion.

6. Create a professional career profile that will help you get search results.

7. Build and maintain a network

8. Connect with your coworkers

9. Get to know other companies and get industry information

10. Use groups to discover common circles

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Linkedin account for sale
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