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What’s the difference between fresher and aged accounts ?

The fresher the account, the more it is sensible to actions in the first days of use, and more likely to ask for phone verification at login or after a few actions. The more aged, the more it can endure. However, while aged accounts can easily accept login from other locations and resist at more daily actions, it is safer to warm up any account regardless of age, like proceeding with only a few actions daily, for a few days. In addition, if you use a high quality ip proxy, you will make your account more stable. If fresh accounts are warmed up properly, in time they can be as much as effective as aged accounts.

Purchased accounts will be only mine, no one else can use them?

Yes, we will not sell these accounts twice, it will only belong to you, and we will remove every account that has been sold from our database

How to use the accounts correctly so they would not be blocked?

Recommendations for working with accounts can be found here: ACCOUNTS GUIDELINES

How long ago have accounts been registered?

If the registration date is not specified separately in the accounts description, then the accounts are registered recently.

Do you have accounts that are registered “N” month / years ago?

Yes, we have such accounts. for example, accounts that are 1-10 years old

Account requires additional information, what should I do?

Additional data is usually attached in the format of accounts for sale. If it is not enough and the service requests, for example, Scan of the passport, then we can’t help.

How to understand from the sent order: what is login, and what is password?

We have attached the relevant account data format to each product details page, you only need to check the product details to understand the relevant account format

I need an “Instagram / Facebook / Twitter account, with / without photo, with real / fake subscribers, 2010/2015, Russia / Germany”. Do you have such?

We update different account types every day to meet different needs, if you do not find the type of account you need on our website, you can contact our customer service team at any time for more details

How to safely phone verify social media accounts?

PV solution 1: The best and safest method to phone verify social accounts are real sim numbers, you could either buy them in your country or off Ebay, at rates between $0.2 – $1 / sim card. If the sim cards are from a foreign country, you should make sure the sim has area coverage in your country and it doesn’t charge extra tax for receiving SMS’s locally. Advantages: Real numbers are considered to be the most trusted by social networks, also by being the single owner of the number it will ensure no further use for other accounts, which could put the accounts at risk. Downsides: It can get expensive and time consuming.

PV solution 2: Using free SMS apps like Textnow, Textplus, Nextplus. Advantages: No costs. Downsides: Valid numbers (working area codes) are hard to find so it will take some time to successfully PV accounts; Because these are virtual numbers, sometimes IG can see them as suspicious.

PV solution 3: Using online SMS verify services, but avoid Chinese and Russian numbers. I can’t vouch for any mainstream providers right now. – Advantages: You can easily verify accounts from a provided dashboard, or if you have plenty of accounts to verify, you can automate the process with the site API. Downsides: Numbers might be reused at some point, or they can be flagged as spammy by social networks, thus, you might get a re-PV or even instant bans after PV! So please treat this method with caution when verifying accounts (verify only 1-2 accs at first, and wait for a while to see if the accounts are in good standing).

The account requests SMS from a certain number, what should I do?

All the numbers for registered accounts are temporary virtual phone numbers, and we can’t access them again, so there’s nothing we can do about it

I want to sell 1 account, is this possible?

Yes, please contact our customer service team

Does your store require suppliers?

Yes, please contact our customer service team

Refund & Replace

Can I apply for a refund?

Click here for details – REFUND AND RETURNS POLICY

How can I apply for a replace account?

Click here for details – REFUND AND RETURNS POLICY

How long is the after-sales time for the account?

All accounts support a 24-hour login guarantee, which means that you must confirm the validity of your account within 24 hours from the time you purchase your account, otherwise you will not be able to apply for a replacement if your account is unavailable or disabled


Do you sell advertising space on your website?

Yes, our website supports advertising display in every location, if you have a great product or service that you want to promote to more users, please feel free to contact us

Can I promote your product?

Yes, we offer a commission of up to 20% on orders


What payment methods does the site support?

We support popular payment methods such as Perfect Money, WebMoney, Cryptocurrency, and Binance Pay

Do you accept international credit card payments?

Yes, but this is not a regular payment method, if you need to pay by credit card, please contact customer service for assistance

Do you support PayPal?

Yes, but this is not a regular payment method, if you need to pay by PayPal, please contact customer service for assistance

Customer Reviews



I have purchased a lot of accounts here and can say that it has exceeded my expectations in many ways, it is great and I will be back again

5 months agoFAQBuy French linkedin account -2FA-Cookie- includes emailFAQ


Great site! Account types are very complete, here can fully meet my needs!

5 months agoFAQUSA Facebook Cookie account-Includes tokens and cookiesFAQ


Although the amount of my order is very small, the customer service is still very patient to answer all kinds of questions for me, which makes me feel valued, thank you!

7 months agoFAQUSA Apple Store account id for saleFAQ


I have a long-term and stable cooperation with Sellaacc. Low price and high-quality accounts are my basic requirements, and Sellaacc can always provide various accounts to meet my needs.

7 months agoFAQLinkedin account for sale
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Russian Tiktok account buy sell – Russia ip Registration

$0.42In stock

  • ✓ Register with high quality Russian ip
  • ✓ Verify via email @rambler.ru
  • ✓ Include email

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Google Voice old account sell – 2014-2021 registration

$11.00In stock

  • ✓ Account registration from 2014 to 2021
  • ✓ Include an additional email
  • ✓ Register with a high-quality ip proxy

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Old YouTube account buy sell-2006-2009-1000-100000 channel views

$11.00In stock

  • ✓ The account was registered between 2006 and 2009
  • ✓ Channel views: 1,000+ -100,000
  • ✓ Number of uploaded videos: 1+

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TikTok account buy sell – Registered in 2021 – Included email

$2.30In stock

  • ✓ The accounts were registered in 2021.
  • ✓ The accounts are verified by email (email is included).
  • ✓ Accounts are registered in IP addresses of different countries.

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Gmail account buy sell-Registered from different countries IPs

$0.50In stock

  • ✓ Male or female
  • ✓ Registered from different countries IPs
  • ✓ Phone number not included in Profile Security method

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French Tiktok AD Accounts – Accounts used to advertise on Tiktok

$7.00In stock

  • ✓ Advance payment
  • ✓ Currency: US dollars
  • ✓ High-quality French ip registration

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French Discord Old account sell – Account registered on 02.2023

$5.20In stock

  • ✓ Account registered on 02.2023
  • ✓ Verify by email, including email
  • ✓ Including the Token
  • ✓ Registered using a French IP

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Instagram with follower accounts-250 followers

$5.00In stock

  • ✓ Manual registration
  • ✓ Email included
  • ✓ The registration full 1 month

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Turkey Facebook account buy sell-Registration date is 06.2023

$2.00In stock

  • ✓ The accounts are registered 06.2023
  • ✓ Accounts are registered in IP addresses of Turkey
  • ✓ 2FA in the set
  • ✓ Cookies are included

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Premium Twitter account for sale – 100 followers

$2.20In stock

  • ✓ Include email
  • ✓ The account has about 100 followers
  • ✓ Sex can be both male and female

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